Dear Land Seller

There is no secret to successfully selling real estate.

It is about getting it and keeping it in front of the right people.

I do not mind sharing exactly what I do because no one else is actually willing to do it. These are the things that will get your land sold and for the highest possible price.

This is why we are the number one seller of land in the tri-state area.

Buyer contact: No one else but myself and my full time assistant Mark Pierce will be interacting with your buyers.

At the major companies like Coldwell Banker different agents take turns doing “phone duty”, answering the office phones.  It is a problem because they do not represent you or know or care about your situation. Frequently they will steer buyers away to their own listings.

You First: I will not take a competing listing until I first sell yours.

If your agent has similar listings in the same area they are also representing your competition. The biggest myth in selling real estate today is the myth of the “neighborhood specialist”.  Marketing today must be regional, national and international not just local. Buyers can come from anywhere.  There is a word for agents who work just one neighborhood – it is “Lazy”. As detailed here, we are your “Effectiveness

Superior internet exposure:  Over 90% of today’s purchases start with an internet search.

We will have your land posted on over 250 websites.  It will be the featured listing on my home page at, this areas only web site for land sales.  I average over 3,000 hits per month which is spectacular for an individual agent web site. Since your property is commercial it will also be on and and the local IDX. These are the two largest national commercial web sites and the local commercial data base. And Zillow, Trulia,, Sibcy, Coldwell and all area (164) broker websites.

Superior Internet display: With one chance for a first impression to potential on-line buyers, the presentation has to be effective.

I will post topography maps, plat maps and aerial photographs on your listing so that builders and developers can grasp and become engage with your sites potential.

Actual aggressive networking: The number one effective difference maker is contacting other agents with similar land listings.

We email them, fax them and snail mail them and actually call them so that we know your development site is in their consciousness.  More than once agents have reacted to my calls by saying “Oh that’s so cute that you actually call us”.                                   Ridiculous –  they are negligent for not doing it.

Targeted outreach marketing:  While other agents wait for the phone to ring,

We regularly network with all area builders, architects, developers and surveyors. We contact major national retail chains and franchises. We contact city staffers and elected officials, township administrators, school staffers, top local employers, bankers and lenders, local churches, and commercial agents.  Why commercial agents? They operate outside the sphere of the MLS and they know people relocating for business.  We also send your listing to our own data base of national 1031 exchange agents.

Reverse Prospecting:  The MLS has a feature where we can do a reverse search of which agents did searches that matched your criteria.

Even though almost all agents have checked the box NOT to be contacted from reverse prospecting – I do anyway. No one has ever complained and no other agent has ever contacted me through their reverse prospecting.  It is just another way we aggressively push the envelope to get you results.

Commercial agent bridge:  Why do MLS and Commercial agents rarely speak or work together?

It makes no sense not too so we do regularly network with,  share listings with and talk direct to the 200 plus top local commercial agents. It is very effective.

Working smarter:  From our house shaped cards to our easy to remember web site and phone number, every detail has been designed to stand out and be effective.

We have custom simpler signs so that even someone without a pen can see and  remember and reach us.  We are open to the changing market conditions and constantly re-examine what works.  I look at every new and expiring listing everyday (averaging over 200) to stay current on pricing and trends.

Buyer comfort:  Nothing happens in this business until you have a comfortable buyer.

We find buyers and then help them peach their comfort level to actually close. I have personally bought over 60 properties, always facing the typical buyer paranoia of “How much am I over paying?” and “What are they not telling me about this property?”  With openness and honesty we earn the buyers confidence and soothe those concerns so they can commit and move forward . We also work with an excellent lender to get the funding done.

As the ultimate expert on your property we welcome your input, suggestions or questions at anytime.  You are part of our team and at some point it may help for you to meet with the potential buyer.

Expect the best and start planning what you will do with your proceeds.

Thank you for your business, Mark Miller

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