Indian Hill is the wealthiest, and certainly one of Cincinnati’s most beautiful areas in which to live. It is also, it turns out, way ahead of its time in terms of the greening of its land.


In 1941, in order to preserve the rural nature of Indian Hill, community leaders chose to set aside land for permanent preservation.

“The first green area concept was envisioned as a ring of green surrounding the ‘hill’ from which the Village derived its name.”* The commitment to the continued “greening” of Indian Hill was formalized by the Forest Preserve and Greenbelt Areas Committee’s 1954 and over the years residents have donated land to this green area that is Indian Hill, maintaining its beauty and its sense of quiet nature.

Though the village’s size is a mere 19.5 square miles, fully ¼ of that mileage is protected by the Green Areas Trust and the Greenacres Foundation, ensuring that the area remains nourishing, nurturing, and beautiful.

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