Unify Cincinnati

“Unify Cincinnati” is a multitude of community service projects including:

  • Land and Building Donations – our Ongoing Signature Project

Past projects have included:

  • Property for The “Swan House”
    • Women’s shelter for homeless and abused women. We were able to secure a rehabbed building for Reverend Nathaniel Banks and his organization for this purpose.

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati.com) published an article about The Swan House  – in August 2009: bit.ly/swanhousearticle. (“It’s really blessed the work we do because we’re networking with so many different people. For us, it’s very gratifying,” Miller said.)

  • Unify Cincinnati T-shirts for the 3 Square Music Foundation
    • “UNIFY CINCINNATI” T-Shirts with the message “ATTITUDE IS CONTAGIOUS, IS YOURS WORTH CATCHING?” All proceeds went to the “Three Square Music Foundation”, helping inner city youth with after school programs. Due to economic hardships in the city their grants ran out and they had to cease operation.
  • Support for the Children´s Home of Cincinnati
  • Sponsoring U.S Marines stationed at T.Q. airbase in Iraq
    • The collection of donations and delivery to the U.S. Marines stationed at the T.Q. airbase in Iraq 74 kilometers west of Baghdad.  Regardless of your politics, sons and daughters from our community were over there making huge sacrifices – not be forgotten.  We showed them we cared. Keep our service men and women and families in your thoughts and prayers. Give Thanks!
  • Organizing training groups for the Flying Pig Marathon
    • We also have and will organize marathon training groups. Want to run the Flying Pig?  Contact us for details.

The donation program is our strictly volunteer effort for anyone with land or a building that they are tired of paying taxes on.  Started in 1998, over 18 parcels totaling over $325,000 have been donated so far.

Do you have a distressed building that is too overwhelming to fix up?  It is a hazard to have a vacant building, difficult to insure and an attractive nuisance that can be broken into causing huge liability if someone is injured.  We can help you find a non-profit organization capable of breathing life into your old building to assist in housing the homeless.  You can get a tax write-off, possibly very large!

There are so many dilapidated buildings festering in the City.  One by one we are turning this trend around.  Maybe yours is ripe for donation, or maybe you know of someone who would like to donate theirs.  Let’s help clean up the city while realizing great tax savings.  We find non-profit groups to receive and rehab them to help house the homeless or indigent.  Land donations work too.

We also assist donations to conservancies at no charge.

Contact us for details and find further information on conservancy in our “Land Links”.                               

Do you have an idea for “Unify Cincinnati” to bring people together and uplift the community? 

Call or email us. Let´s make it happen!
513-721-LAND (5263) * info@cincyland.com