You may not have considered this aspect of home-buying, but it is one that has an impact worth taking note of!

Melissa Dittman Tracey published an article in Realtor Magazine (September/October 2014), exposing an aspect of home-buying that many don’t consider: Who lived there before you, and What’s Lurking Behind Those Walls?

No, we’re not talking a CSI-like stash of money or – – dead bodies – but we are talking about residue that can be left by drug production. Yes, meth production. Surprised? That’s not surprising! Who thinks about such things when you go to buy a house?augusta1

Your realtor does! And you have a right to ask – and you realtor has a responsibility to reveal – information of that sort about the home in which you want to live. Why? Because, it seems, meth contamination can affect those who are particularly sensitive to remnants of the drug: “from respiratory illness to neurological problems, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.”

Ms. Tracey gives us 6 Warning Signs of Meth Contamination, which we are passing along here:

1. Eyes or throat burning when entering the property
2. Chemical stains on toilets and bathtubs
3. Large number of lithium batteries, particularly ones that have been stripped
4. Propane tanks with fittings that have turned blue
5. Strong smell of urine or unusual chemical smells like ether, ammonia, or acetone
6. Trash filled with a large amount of products like paint thinner, lighter fluid, drain cleaners, and cold tablet containers

Source: Meth Lab Cleanup

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