How’d I get into land?

Dad was a builder and an architect so I grew up on job sites.

Later when we got to build together I became the scout for the next building project/site/opportunity

Site analysis – business foresight.   So, completely understanding a land location and it’s potentials to create commerce became my forte. He was an artist. I am a business man.  He handcrafted homes to chairs.  I create money.

Years ago he built an ornamental Latin style chair from scratch. Creating all the details with his own hands.  He used to get impatient with me for the hurried carefree sloppy way I would build things.  He was a perfectionist and had results to honor it.  Somehow since he’s gone my hurried building techniques now seem to miraculously create similar perfection – Thanks Dad!

The chair sat cold and unfinished looking for years as no one ever properly painted it.

Then my friend Lori Kirstein moved back from California.  She helps me with this site/page.

She not only painted the chair she somehow channeled Carlos Castaneda and electric synergized time warped the chair: