I don’t believe in selling. I believe in listening. Because it’s all about comfort level – yours.

Whether you are buying or selling, you have concerns about your property that are far more compelling even than money, and I want to address and support your comfort level. To do that requires listening. Closely.

You may be selling a family home because you have to do so, rather than out of a desire. And that makes it difficult to let go. You may be buying a new home for reasons that are out of your control and that make you feel even more passionate about what that new home needs to be for you and your family.

That is what I listen to first: Why you are selling or buying, how you feel about it, what you need in order to feel good – or at least better – about it, and what is going to make you feel comfortable.

That is what needs to be honored as much as the dollar amount, because this is something that affects your life, your emotions, your needs, your goals and your dreams. The more you can honor that as well, the better and more grounded your choices will be.

Mark Miller is the founder and owner of CincyLand, Cincinnati’s Premier Land Specialist. Visit for more information about land and homes in the Cincinnati area.