Cincinnati Homes with Acreage Sales in 2022

For home sales everyone has heard how 2022 continued the hot market trend of rising prices and quick sales. The market did start to cool as interest rates went up, but generally prices stayed near their peaks and if homes were priced right and showed great, they still sold quickly.

What about Homes with Acreage? How were they effected.

Prior to the multi-year upswing in prices, homes with acreage frequently did not bring in much higher prices than similar homes on smaller lots. In the past, unless the land had development potential, it did not really drive-up prices.

That appears to have changed now. One of the benefits of a home with acreage is it puts distance between you and other people. Perhaps partly because of Covid, people now see more value in the extra, but maybe un-usable land.

Homes with acreage now do clearly sell for more than similar homes without acreage.

So, now is still a great time to sell a home with acreage.

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Here are the statistics for the 351 homes with acreage (at least 2 acres) sold in the Cincinnati area (Hamilton County) is 2022:

                                       Low                 Average         Median           High

Listing Price           $55,000          $578,006          $275,000          $4,500,000


LP per acre             $31.52             $159,241             $70,092            $1,246,004                 


Selling Price          $55,000         $559,045           $258,000         $4,000,000


SP per acre            $32.41             $154,197.09       $72,314.39        $1,198,081


Days on market        0                14                              4                   269         

2022 Cincinnati land sales